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"Moonlight in the Parlour" - handmade full moon marble and white topaz ring.

~Thick, black velvet draperies are tied back by golden ropes dripping with giant tassels. The autumn moon’s glow floods the parlour with soft light. Looming outside the parlour’s towering windows, she is a round pregnant beacon in the dreary night sky. She casts her proud glow o’er the small cemetery below, as the night breeze playfully strokes the branches of the willow tree. Forever keeping quiet vigil over the dead.~

Inspired by the romantic allure of Victorian mourning fashion and culture.

Quantities limited.


I desperately covet this, but I don’t know which finger I’d wear it on. All of my fingers have their designated (enormous) rings, each with associations and memories. What’s that, just switch rings around and not wear the same ones all the time? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS CONCEPT.


I can’t help but to think that I’m going to to die soon, I’ve had too many brushes with death lately


how do you politely ask for the wifi password

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